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Meet the Core team

We have gathered a team of specialists with different skills, so we can be sure we will have the opportunity to unleash the full potential of our project.
​Anton Christoff (CSO) is a mentor and advisor of startups and SMEs, with extensive previous experience with corporate and enterprise tech environments and digital transformation initiatives across the globe. His skillset, vast knowledge and energy to fulfill his ideas with actual work is what helped build up the project since its inception back in Sept/Oct 2021 and has made him a great Chief Strategy Officer for Stitchia and its concept development and future plans. Furthermore, Anton’s bold ideas, extensive network of peers and business connections would further help the project to evolve in the future.
​Borislav Yordanov (CEO) has blockchain expertise in various decentralized features such as Mining, DeFi, L1 protocols, NFTs and doing research and managing assets since 2014. Additionally, his bachelor in Finance, being part of software university and studies in Sweden about leadership towards sustainability brings the picture together about Stitchia's vision to “STITCH TOGETHER” blockchain features toward sustainability efficiently. Furthermore, his interim drive and proactivity makes him a great CEO whose effort to date helped us shape the concept, build the team and execute our roadmap.
​Dmitrii Limonov (Senior Blockchain Developer) – a very efficient senior blockchain developer with lots of experience in his background. Mostly working with EVM protocols, he is a perfect fit for our dream team, as he did cover with ease and within a limited budget any blockchain tasks since the beginning of our project.
​Teodora Petrova (Copywriter) – although she has a Master’s degree in Hydrotechnical Engineering, her deep passion and rich experience in all things copy and web content writing has made her a great fit into our team. In addition, her engineering background is helping her to get a grasp of any even sophisticated technical concepts and turn them into simple English, which is so much needed for her position at Stitchia Network.