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Sharing the ideas all around the web!
We have started a Stitchia Ambassador Program in order to promote and pass on our ideas and achievements to the wider public. The Ambassador Team will showcase our goals, aspirations, and ideas to their followers and people close to them, so more people can learn about us. These people one day could even become members of the StitchiaDAO or just share their thoughts in all our communication channels, so we can improve, continue to grow and changing the world for the better.
So, without further ado, meet our ambassadors:
I am Stoyan Zlatev, 20 years old from Sliven, Bulgaria. I'm currently studying software engineering in Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski University. I got interested in crypto about a year ago, and since then I haven't stopped learning. I'm proud to be Stitchia Network's ambassador and Tailor ticket holder.
I am Kristiyan Chetalyan, 26 years old from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I own a small business and have been interested in crypto for about two years. I’m Stitchia Network ambassador and tailor ticket holder
How to become an ambassador, and what are the perks to be one? Contact us for more information.