Stitchia | Docs

DeFi Protocol

Treasury build

For each and every project, additionally * 5% of the ETH would go to the Treasury – 3.685 ETH. So, roughly $32,000 worth of tokens would go to our treasury monthly and $32, 000 * 12 = $384,000 yearly, if we assume the price of ETH is at $3,000 levels.
The remaining 5% would go to the dev team of the NFT collection (including the artist), whilst the Royalties would go to 1% Artist and 1% Stitchia DAO Treasury.

Lending Protocol

EXAMPLE: Peter borrows ETH and receives 1% APY of ETH rewards + 20% APY of STITCH Token. We could sustainably use that asset to lend for an approximate 10% rate and the free assets we could put on liquid staking for 3.9% and earn additionally 2.9% on top of it.
After a successful sale, the adopted project would receive its funds at 3 stages. The sale would be on polygon blockchain initially, so we will collect ETH, BTC, MATIC, or USDC/USDT.
These funds would be hardcoded in a smart contract, where after a pre-agreement would be allocated in certain conditions.
Funds will be deposited into the Gnosis wallet of the recipient. Then the founders could use them transparently in an open banking app.
1. 25% Immediate release;
2. 35% Release after milestone 1 – The funds (ETH, BTC, MATIC) would be allocated to the most secured and profitable DeFi protocol partner (preferably native protocols) to earn for a few months APY. Additionally, a secondary APY on STITCH token would be added with a locked vesting schedule. Also, lending protocol;
3. 40% Release after milestone 2.