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DAO Treasury

Here is our Stitchia Network Treasury
The Stitchia Network DAO Treasury is a Gnosis Safe smart contract wallet with multi-signature (multisig) functionality on the Ethereum mainnet (L2 – Polygon). Two multisig owners have initially been selected by the Stitchia Foundation from the core contributor team and other well-known projects, such as Synthetix, Opium, NEAR protocol, and zkSync, to name a few. These signers are able to veto malicious transactions in a 7-of-12 fashion.

Who has access and governance to the Treasury?

At the moment only the co-founders - Anton Christoff and Borislav Yordanov. Later on the legal entity - Stitchia Foundation will have access. Additionally, the foundation will add more StitchiaDAO members to the Treasury governance structure.

What is the use of the Treasury?(TBD)

Stitchia Treasury Built up

From NFT sales, between 2% and 10% fees from every collection, including:
  • Royalties – 2% of every future sale;
  • ​DeFi – 0.5% monthly;
  • Investment fund – 5% annual growth;