Stitchia | Docs

Business Model

Meet Stitchia Network's business model in numbers.

Funds workflow

  • 90% to 98% of fundraising goes to the approved project – NFT Crowdfunding;
  • The rest goes to Stitchia DeFi protocol to increase the value of Stitchia Treasury;
  • The project receives 25% in Stage 1;
  • The rest of the funds would be further distributed in stages 2 and 3. Meanwhile, the funds will stay in our secured Defi protocol and raise their value, until the project meets their pre-agreed milestones;
  • Our Treasury will keep all the time 10% liquid USDC assets, including off-chain USD/EUR
  • Circular Business Model – FundsFunds generated in Stitchia Treasury from a certain project, would be used to bootstrap the next chosen one on our pipeline with up to a value of 5% of the total fundraising campaign;
  • Royalties would be lifetime based and generated from every NFT sale or future resale – 3% would go to the artist/creator and 2% into Stitchia Network's Treasury;
  • Stitchia Bytes is our knowledge-sharing initiative aiming to educate people, upskill their general knowledge and make them much savvier on all things Stitchia Network, Blockchain, and Crypto.

Stitchia Revenue Model Summary

  • Fees – between 2% and 10% from every collection;
  • Royalties – 2% of every future sale;
  • DeFi – 1% monthly;
  • Investment fund – 10% annual growth;
  • STITCH Token – 10x to 100x potential value growth.

Short-term goals

  • Sell our 1,111 membership tickets and collect 214.4 ETH;
  • Incorporate Stitchia Foundation (Academy, Legal Partnerships, Consultancy);
  • Develop version 1.0 of the DAO platform and Marketplace, as well as the full tokenomics, including the STITCH Token;
  • DeFi Beta Infrastructure – Lending Protocol;
  • Launchpads to raise 100 wETH → for LP in QuickSwap and create volume;
  • Provide Liquidity on QuickSwap;
  • Q1 of 2023 – DAO governance fully functional go-live, including TGE of STITCH Token.

Long-term goals

  • Big Partnerships within each of our Use Cases with well-recognized names in respective areas like:
    • Sustainability Business Model – i.e., The Drawback and The OceanCleanup;
    • Artists and Creators – i.e., Snoop Dog and Jerremy Mann;
    • Charities and NGOs – i.e., UNICEF and BRAC;
  • Strategic partnerships with blockchain protocols/ventures and key service providers, i.e., Protocol Labs, Fireblocks, etc.;
  • Established network, in order to support 1 project/monthly (~66ETH each);
  • From 2023 to 2026–2376 ETH mint volume sales;
  • Defi Lending Protocol – Full Version with 50mln TVL;
  • Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings for STITCH Token.