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Stitchia Network issued the present documentation in June 2022. The documentation should be read in conjunction with Stitchia's Terms of use.
The website and the information provided in this documentation to readers and users has been issued by Stitchia. It has been prepared solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or instrument or participate in any transaction or trading activity. The contents are based upon or derived from information generally believed to be reliable, although no representation is made that it is accurate or complete and Stitchia accepts no liability regarding the user's reliance on it.
Accordingly, any decision in connection with funds, instruments, or transactions described or mentioned herein must be made solely on the information contained in a prospectus and no reliance is to be placed on any other representations.
This documentation does not form any legal relationship between Stitchia and participants of the token sale. The purchase of Stitchia is only possible after accepting the terms, subject to purchaser having completed Stitchia customer due diligence process in accordance with the respective law (TBC).
The information contained in the present documentation may be subject to modification, supplementation, and amendment at any time, when Stitchia team considers as necessary.
STITCH tokens should not be considered as money or a means of investment, but rather a token with a utility to vote on decisions that influence our network ecosystem. STITCH tokens are not intended to be securities and/or other financial instruments under the Laws of any jurisdiction where they are intended to be or will be purchased or sold, and no action has been or will be taken in any jurisdiction by the “Company” or any of its affiliates that would permit a public offering, or any other offering under circumstances not permitted by applicable law, in any country or jurisdiction where specific action for that purpose is required.
Token Utility – DAO Governance utility tokens in general are blockchain tokens that grant voting and decision-making power to their holders.
The core team will have the power to endorse upcoming projects and ideas only until the all the Genesis tickets are sold out and StitchiaDAO start to fully function.
STITCH tokens are meant for use strictly within the Stitchia Network DAO platform and shall not have any value or use outside it. Stitchia Network do not and shall not provide any guarantees, projections, estimates, or ensure any profit, income, or gains from Stitchia Network related products or services. Participants in the token sale shall carefully assess all available information before participating in the token sale or making use of Stitchia Network services.
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