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The Challenges

The crowdfunding of web 2.0 is deeply flawed, and almost everybody knows that fact now. There are too many restrictions and limitations for early-stage projects. The developers of these projects often struggle with many problems, such as: choosing the right platform, raising enough funding regarding all the taxes and fees, community trust issues in new projects, lack of access to the invaluable information they need, etc. Also, there is a big uncertainty when it comes to the accounting rules for funds raised through crowdfunding.
The developers often can't take all the risks associated with the realization process of their projects. So, in most cases, they should be skilled enough and have the right amount of luck and knowledge to see their projects become a reality. And almost all the difficulties are linked to one simple fact: web 2.0 is based on a centralized decision-making system.
The main question is: why has nobody managed to solve the problem? Sadly, it is the big company’s interests that are the most valued.
Let’s sum up all the challenges in the old crowdfunding web 2.0 system:
  • Centralized decision-making;
  • Greenwashing, and suspicious hidden activities;
  • Overvalued certificates and docs;
  • Underlined value in Sustainable Business Models, Artists, and NGOs;
  • No proof of participation;
  • Limitations of Legacy Finance;
  • Not sharing the profits with its supporters;

The Solutions

Stitchia Network steps in to provide solutions for all the challenges mentioned above:
  • Decentralized decision-making;
  • Transparent money and documentation flow;
  • Build a governance system – StitchiaDAO;
  • Focused mainly on 3 use cases;
  • No limitation globally;
  • Proof of participation and future-proof value;
  • Circular business model, where the last supported project bootstrap the next one;
  • Profitable for the participants and for the project (win-win model);
  • Stitchia Academy – so-called, StitchiaBytes.
Despite its flaws, we believe that crowdfunding is a powerful mechanism for innovation and supporting social enterprises. That is the main reason Stitchia Network is taking this mechanism, solving all its problems and making it become more sustainable and world-changing.