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This roadmap marks off our vision, achievements thus far, as well as our future milestones and goals, on our way to developing the Stitchia Network.
We have many brilliant and even bold ideas to further improve and enhance our platform features, which would definitely reflect the roadmap. It may change or even expand over time, as we are constantly striving to become better!

Q4 2021

Initial Concept

  • Team Expansion v1.0
  • Social Channels Build up
  • Development of Stitchia Network v1.0 framework, including Litepaper and blockchain framework, and development of an initial website and social media channels.
  • The Initial framework of Stitchia Network’s Genesis NFT Tickets for the core DAO community members, and its governance functionality
  • Wallet integration, smart contract development, documentation.
  • Start developing the Genesis NFT Tickets
  • Official roll-out of Stitchia’s social and marketing channels on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, GitHub, GitBook, and finalize work on initial Genesis NFT Tickets go live.

Q1 2022

Soft Launch, OpenSea Listing, Initial Documentation, and Ambassador Program

  • Publish Whitepaper v1.0
  • Release Tokenomics v1.0
  • Release of v1.2 website
  • Expand our Advisors and Collaborators Network
  • Soft launch on OpenSea with 200 Genesis NFT Tickets
  • Initial high-level Tokenomics framework
  • Finalize Stitchia’s three main use cases
  • Publish Roadmap v1.2
  • Start Ambassador program;
  • Onboard Copywriter and Web Designer.

Q2 2022

StitchiaDAO initial Development Tokenomics, update Whitepaper update - DAO Treasury and DeFi Model

  • Develop Stitchia DAO governance functionality v1.0
  • Develop Stitch Tokenomics v1.2
  • Stitchia Bytes (Academy) initial release
  • Expand the team – Community Manager and Video Creator
  • Whitepaper v1.1

Q3 2022

Stitchia Network Beta Development, StitchiaDAO governance infrastructure

  • Release the full STITCH token distribution model;
  • Governance infrastructure live;
  • Develop Stitchia Network Beta
  • Testnet integration

Q4 2022

Release Stitchia Network Beta Live

  • DAO Governance Functionalities Audit First Use-Case
  • DAO approved the Initial document on-chain NFT implementation.
  • Separation of the Ambassador Team into 3 sections. Monthly AMA (webinars)
  • Selling, buying, and minting NFTs on
  • Establish new partnerships

Q1 2023

STITCH Token Private sale Release DAO Governance Live NFT Documentation Chain Beta. Stitchia Finance Initial Concept.

Q2 2023

NFT Documentation and end-to-end on-chain Crowdfunding Transparеncy. Stitchia Finance 1.0 - DeFi Beta Launch - Circular Crowdfunding Bootstrapping. Fundraising Private А

Q3 2023

Stitchia Finance 1.1 - Live Expansion of the Network Partnerships Huge Expanditure of the Team IDO Stitch Token and Public Sale

Q4 2023

Metaverse v1.0 InceptionHub (Beta) Build/Partner with Metaverse land where to create a sustainable testing environment of our real world

Q1 2024 Sustainable Hub – Metaverse Beta Launch.