Stitchia | Docs

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to bootstrap sustainable projects via transparent cash and documentation flow, in order to enhance trust. Therefore, to achieve this and make it more economically viable whilst transparent, we plan to leverage a future-proof NFT-based crowdfunding model
Greenwashing – Many projects and brands often misuse words and phrases, like “eco”, “climate-friendly solution”, and “carbon negative” only from a marketing perspective to attract customers and increase brand awareness. We totally vouch for that, but only if it’s actually truthful.
Hidden Cash Flow – In the current crowdfunding models, the money flow is hidden from the contributors, which reduces their trust. Overvalued certificates/documents – sometimes the certificates/documents obtained by some organizations are fake or lack tangible proof on how they were issued, which leads to a broken documentation chain, corruption, and inefficiencies.


We fight: Greenwashing - Through an end-to-end documentation flow recorded on a public ledger via business NFTs the possibilities for greenwashing would be limited or very unlikely to happen at all.
Hidden Cash Flow - The complete transparency of the money flow via Blockchain and Open-Banking would bring much more trust to the supporters, which would lead to more contributions and satisfaction from an end-user perspective.
Overvalued certificates/documents - Once a document or certificate is uploaded into our decentralized storage system, and verified on the blockchain of its existence - it would immutably be kept forever without the possibility of manipulation. In addition, our document algorithm would seek to approve the eligibility of its origin by checking how a document/certificate is obtained. StitchiaDAO - believes in blockchain technology and its potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems. So, by implementing Stitchia features, we envisage the establishment of a decentralized collaborative network focused on a sustainable future. Now we have the chance to build so-called NFTs 2.0 with real value and utility while creating them as means of bootstrapping their creator's idea. We could make NFTs quite useful and a powerful tool for both the contributors of the campaigns and also their creators. After all, our vision is represented by the idea of STITCHING THINGS TOGETHER!