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The Future of Crowdfunding Today. Create Value. Verify it. Reduce risk. Continue.
Stitchia Network makes a unique connection between digital art (NFT) collectors, artists, charities, and entrepreneurs. We are building a decentralized crowdfunding web3 platform for the new generation of future-proof ventures and initiatives. Simply said, we are here to give you the opportunity to shape cool ideas and make them become a reality by governing the whole process from A to Z. How will that happen, you may ask? It’s simple: you can take a real-life project and bootstrap it through the sale of an NFT collection. These projects will include 3 main use cases: sustainable business models, works of art, and charities. Stitchia creates transparent money flow through the whole crowdfunding process. From the user’s 50$ into the project realization. No hides, every $ is transparent. Connecting Blockchain with how the money is spent off-chain via Open-Banking apps for a full transparent cycle.
Certificates for quality, sustainability features, and legibility. By holding an NFT document Stitchia follows the process of acquiring it and making it traceable by blockchain and AI. By holding a certain document, you needed to represent X, Y, and Z documents. Stitchia follows that sequence and checks for any flaws or any jump overs. We keep the privacy off-chain, while the certificate number we show to the public is on-chain.
One of our main goals is to establish an open and stable DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with a footprint even in the Metaverse – a community-driven collaboration network of end users, art collectors, creators, and even different commercial organizations within a range of industries, where everyone would interact as peers with a common purpose – to build the next generation crowdfunding network!
Through a clearly defined voting system, all Genesis NFT ticket members, alongside future STITCH token holders, would govern and collaborate together to select, and support the coolest ideas they believe are worth investing in.
Stitchia Network’s main features are:
  • An end-to-end transparent crowdfunding flow. A trustless link between users and projects;
  • Governed by its core community through Genesis membership tickets;
  • We are connecting artists, entrepreneurs, and collectors, in order to bootstrap their ideas and build a stable community toward their common goal;
  • Both our governing members and end-users could earn and support sustainable causes, artists and creators, charities, and NGOs. By supporting the idea, they like and believe in, they would get a future-proof NFT of their investment, which they could not only sell later and earn from it, but could give them a piece of this project;
  • We are building a profitable sustainability model the world is missing right now;
  • Easy worldwide participation – all you need is an internet connection to participate in the crowdfunding sales;
  • We are building a circular Business Model, where the last supported project would support the next one through DeFi tools;
  • Our main focus is on 3 general use cases: Sustainable Business Models, Artists and Creators, NGOs, and Charities.